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2016 Blogging Schedule

January 2016-June 2016
Starting in July 2016...
The schedule is subject to change due to holidays and various events. Changes will be noted in advance.

Guest Post Guidelines
These guest post guidelines are in effect as of January 1, 2016.

As of 2016, I will be focusing on speculative fiction books (science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history). If your book falls within this realm, then I am happy to promote it. 

I wish I could help out everyone, but I typically blog only twice a month. I am offering one guest post spot on my blog a month. You must comment frequently on the blog to be considered for a guest post. 

Guest posts can either be promo/excerpt or a guest post on a topic of your choice. I would need the post, book description, author bio, any pictures, and links at least a week in advance. 

I have slots available for 2016, except for May, August, and October. 

If you don't get a guest post spot, I would still like to help out! I'm happy to post cover reveals as well as mention your new release in my Bookworm News feature on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Bookworm News will change to the 1st Monday of the month starting in July. Just email me! As I mentioned above, the books must be speculative fiction. 

All queries can be sent to cherie.reich (at) gmail.com. 

I am not accepting review requests.

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noonebutabloghead said...

Wow, you do seem really organised!

My version of this is basically 'get it finished while it's still vaguely topical'...